Welcome to a healthy and life filled world powered by excersise and a balanceded diets. This world is named HG4H. The site lets users explore different regions of planet HG4h to learn more about how the world works and to also learn more about its inhabitants. Along the way users are engaged in games and videos that teaches them about Humana initiatives against sedintery lifestyles and the benefits of exergaming.
Awards and Mentions
A series of excergames were created for the brand and placed in different touchpoints across the web. The game featured above is a cycle challenge game that challenges users to a bicycle powered race to the finish line. The game also challenges users to make the right descisions when collecting edible items across the map.
Convention Center Takeover
We brought the world of HG4H to life in order to have a unique and impactful prescence at industry tradeshows and events. The booth came powered with a 50" screen, life size characters and props, activites and challenges, and info about the brand. Resulting in booth that had mass appeal.
HG4H Gear
Samples of gear given away at events and convention centers.
Poster Brochure
A brocure was developed to give users info about HG4h but it also doubled as a limited edition poster.
Excergaming Banners
A healthy spin on the negative aspects of gaming brought to life as a fleet of 7' banners scattered across halls and convetions centers
HG4H Toys
A limited edition set of HG4H toys given away to a lucky few.

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