The following creative campaigns were created at Sapient Nitro for Network Solutions where I was a lead creative.
The Interwebs Microsite 
Let us show you what really goes on behind this thing called the internet. The idea was to create a tour site that brings the internet to life and describes all the products Network Solutions has to offer in an engaging, fun filled, and easy to understand site experience. So go ahead take a tour and we'll show how Network Solutions makes the Net Work for you.
Pixel Bot Banners
The following are examples of a banner campaign that brought our Pixel Bots to life and to work. The Pixel Bots act out various Network Solutions products such as SEO and Site Design to illustrate their benefits to consumers in an entertaining manner. Showing users how Network Solutions Makes The Net Work For Them.
Pixel Bot Banners
Banner execution #2.
Interwebs Landing Page
The following is an example of an animated landing page that was driven to from our display campaign and other digital initiatives.
Greetings from the Interwebs Augmented Reality DM
An augmented reality postcard from the citizens of the Interwebs, inviting small business owners to visit Network Solutions and put them to work. The readers can go to a site and see an augmented reality animated scene, which is a wondrous shot of the Interwebs Universe, with citizens waving.
Interwebs Cast
The following is the character development of the Interwebs Cast. Starting from left to right we have E-commerce the china town panda, Social Butterflies the burly social connectors, Security the angry 600lb gorilla, The Code the brains of the interwebs, Wranglers & Crawlers the gauchos and grazers of the web, URL the web's only directory operator, E-mail an old salty carrier pigeon, and finally Pop-Up Banners a unique clan of advertiser prairie dogs.
Smallvolution Anthem Video
The following video was developed for internal purposes to motivate the client and staff to believe in the Smallvolution movement.
See The Big In Small Microsite 
Is a site where your ideas- no matter how small they may initially seem, can be broadcast and added to by a big audience. Post your idea and people can add comments to make it better, share links and pass your idea on to their social media outlets. Let your voice be heard and enhanced on this user generated and enhanced site.
Digital Display Campaign 
The following is an exaple of a banner campaign that brought the Smallvolution story to life in an animated flash banner. The banners were run across a massive media buy with great results in click through rates and new business aquisitions.
Digital Display Campaign
Banner execution#2
Digital Display Campaign
Banner execution#3
SmallVolution Facebook Tab & Stream
The Smallvolution Facebook experience consisted of 2 things. The first item was custom tab that featured the Smallvolution manifesto, a space for users to tell their stories, and a link to embed the badge into their blogs or sites. The second function was a responsive Smallvoltion stream that was constantly inundated with Smallvolutions stories from customers and Smallvolution focused articles, tips, and responses. The Facebook experience helped change the overall sentiment on the Facebook page from being negative to inspirational in a matter of days.
SmallVolution Twitter Page
The example above is the Smallvolution Twitter page that was created to tell the Smallvolution story on Twitter. It was also created in an effort to improve the overall sentiment on Twitter to a more inspirational tone. It also cross polinated with our Facebook experience in an effort to maximize content but to also reach a broader audience across the social space.
Blogger Strategy
The following is a an example of the Smallvolution blogger strategy that reached out to influential small business bloggers in an effort to celebrate their success. The idea was to officialy make them a member of our Smallvolution movement and build some hype behind it by giving away kits that would allow the influential bloggers to award small business kits to 5 of their most loyal followers. The example above was an email sent out to these bloggers. We then followed up with the bloggers a week later with custom tailored emails that reminded them to join the Smallvolution.
Direct Mail Piece
The Smallvolution story told in a matte finished tri fold mailer. The DM peice featured three offers which mailed to specific audiences and also drove to social.
Sidewalk stickers leading to the Empire State buildling

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