I was the lead creative on the Rock Immortal project. "Rock Immortal" was created to educate users about the 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of fame induction ceremony and it's celebrity inductees. We created a digital first for the establishment: an interactive monument built with videos, pictures, and stories submitted by fans to express their loyalty and support for their favorite inductees. Each inductee was honored with an iconic monument and users were invited to explore hundreds of digital tributes.
Awards & Mentions
Save a hotel room
Hotel rooms around the world have fallen prey to the wild lifestyle that is Rock and Roll. Lamps, furniture, electronics, doors, ceilings and windows have all at one time or another been victim to a wild night of Rock and Roll.Well the buck stops here. The Hotel Preservation Defense Council is taking a stand against the lude and lascivious acts of those that destruct in the name of Rock and Roll.

The microsite above starts as a plee from Tamy to help stop the destruction of hotel rooms. She invites you to join the cause but the sites signal is constantlyhacked and eventually taken over by the rockers over at the Rock Hall of Fame.
Save A Hotel Billboards 
Here's an example of OOH billboards placed near hotels all over the city of Cleveland during the week of the induction ceremony.
Here's an example of apparel made for the campaign.
Here's an example of a poster made for the campaign.

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