Chrysler Digital AOR work

The following creative was created at Sapient Nitro for Chrysler as it's Interactive Agency Of Record. 2.0 
The challenge was to create a 2.0 site experience where we entertained our users while configuring their favorite Chrysler. The solution was to create a story based, video driven, choose your own adventure vehicle configurator that entertained users with a story about American Style. Throughout the plot our users are prompted to make selections that would alter the ending, allowing them to "Arrive In Style" to the Chrysler adventure of their dreams. Reskin 
Here is an example of the recently updated re-skin. The goal was to refresh the staleness and inconsistencies of the sites previous version in order to add an overall level of sophistication and class to the site experience.
SafetyTec Brand Identity
The Following is a the final logo developed for the SafetyTec brand. The logomark is used in all SafetyTec communication efforts. Along with the logo we also created the campaign for SafetyTec. The idea communicated that SafetyTec helps make an unpredictable world a little more predictable.
Intuitive Safety Website 
The microsite was designed to bring the SafetyTec technology to life. It shows users how intuitive safety sees what they can't.
Next Gen Landing Page
A large chunk of the media efforts for SafetyTec drove to our next gen landing page. It features a contextual 3d interactive walkthrough of the technology, and details and about package options. It also features a walkthrough video that explains SafetyTec in a rich video format.
SafetyTec "Family Builder" Facebook App
SafetyTec is an intuitive safety technology that helps keep your family safe. With that in mind we invited users to create a stick figure version of their family in our family builder app located within our Facebook tab. Once the user built their family we dynamically brought their family to life and illustrated how SafetyTec helps make an unpredictable world a little more predictable. The family ends up avoiding a lighthearted accident with the help of SafetyTec. Once the animation sequence ended we dynamically to a snapshot of their family and published it to their facebook wall for their friends to see.
SafetyTec "Family Builder" Rich Media Banner
We used the same family builder app and dynamic animation technology as the Facebook tab in a 1 million dollar Yahoo rich media banner buy.
Catch Me If You Can Rich Media Banner:
Designed to highlight the blind spot monitoring safety feature on the 2010 Crisper Town & Country we challenged users to try to beat our safety system by catching the van. A task deemed impossible due to Safetytec.
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