Rivals TV Spot:
The following is a TV spot that supported Dell during the World Cup in 2014. The TV spot was translated into three languages and aired in U.S., LATAM and Brazil.

Print & DM:
The following are examples of print ads, FSI's, and DM's that were produced to support the Rivals campaign. They aired in three languages in US, Brazilian, and Latin American markets.
OOH & Retail:
The following are examples of billboards, retail installations, and vehicle wraps that were produced to support the Rivals campaign. They aired in primarily in Brazil.
Social Media Posts:
The following are examples of social media posts that brought the campaign to life in social. They were deployed in 3 languages in the US, Latam, and Brazilian Dell Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.
"Flag Your Rivals" experiential site:
In the spirit of one-upmanship, the site allowed visitors to decorate their soccer rivals homes with colored flags of their opposing teams. 
"Fan Craze" facebook experience:
We created a Facebook experience that allowed fans to get creative and submit personalized pictures showing off their game faces. The picture was placed in online duels where fans could vote on which one they think is the most diehard fan. 

The pictures with the most duels won in their countries, participated in the Dell Fan Craze World Cup against the best pictures from other countries.
Dell World Cup Listen and respond program:
The FIFA World Cup. The most important sports event of the year. And this year, the event was held in Brazil. A place that’s crazy for soccer and social media. The challange was to make noice in social during this time but since Dell wasn’t an official sponsor the solution was a Listen and Respond initiative. 

We launched a series of conversation starters during and before game days to engage high potential users who were cheering for Brazil on Twitter. The team would then reply to fans celebrating their emotions, amplifiing their passion, and reacting to their feelings with handcrafted images, copy and even lyrics, all created and posted in real time.

 During those three weeks we impacted 580,000 users with a 98% Positive Engagement for the brand.

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